Studio Adagio

At our studio, we hope to teach our students the love of piano. For the past few years our goal has not only been to teach about technique and theory, but also the love of music and the artistry of performance and arrangement.

We offer weekly private piano lessons and two recitals each year.  Our goal is to keep things welcoming and casual so the music experience is a good one for our students.  Music is something to be enjoyed and loved, and that is exactly what we strive to show our students.

The instructors of Studio Adagio also love to play around too.  Amber has many covers and original arrangements and loves to compose for piano and organ.  Hannah is a budding composer and has also included violin in her studies. Once in a while the two get together and jam out to some Adelle.

Amber Parrow

Amber is the senior instructor and the pianist behind Studio Adagio.  She has taught piano since 2000 and has been playing piano for 20 years.  Amber has also been active in her church’s music ministry, playing and arranging songs for piano, keyboard, and organ. Currently she semi-retired from teaching.

Hannah Hendricks

Hannah has been playing piano for about 11 years and has just started her teaching career. She is interested in teaching younger children, from ages 5 to 10, but is willing to take older students.  Knowing the ins and out of ear training and playing by ear, she would also like to work with students that have a natural ear for music and would like to further develop it.